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If there is one thing we really are experts on at Heron’s Pet World, it’s fish. They are our business, our hobby, and our passion. But fish-keeping isn’t the cheapest hobby in the world, and one of the big expenses for small and large aquarium keepers alike is the price of fish food.

So we decided to make a stand against the rising cost of keeping fish. We’ve sourced the best quality food and cut out all the overheads that push up prices, like fancy packaging or bloated advertising. That means our prices are always low, and all you pay for is the product.

Better food, better prices – no middlemen

We buy all our products direct from the manufacturers, so we cut out the ‘middleman’. We don't pay sales rep fees, shipping fees, or fancy packaging. Because you are buying directly from Heron’s Pet World, you don’t pay those ‘middlemen’ extra tariffs that can really bump up the price of your fish food, either. We use minimal packaging and advertising. We keep it simple, straightforward, and cost-effective.

That means better prices and savings that we can pass onto you, our customers, with absolutely no compromise on quality.

Exactly what your fish need

At Heron's Pet World we've used our extensive knowledge and experience to seek out flakes, granules, pellets, tablets, sticks, and wafers that are not only delicious but are packed with exactly the right kind of ingredients your fish need.

From specialist feeds to mixed-tank food, we look for products that are filler-free and full of the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and nutrients your fish need to stay healthy and happy. From flakes that promote bright colours in koi, goldfish, and angelfish to pellets and wafers for plecos and bottom feeders and mealworms for turtles, we bring together the absolute best in aquatic feeds without letting those prices creep up.

Shop direct at Heron’s Pet World

We have built up an online eBay community of 120,000 unique customers, of which tens of thousands regularly come back to us every time for their supplies. From small tank owners who are just starting out to commercial fish producers, they know they will get exactly what they want from Heron’s, and at a great price too. Our online business produces a 99.9% positive feedback rating, and many of our top products such as our Tropical Flakes, Algae Wafers or Koi Trio Pellets are the #1 eBay best sellers.

All of this makes us the largest fish food store in the UK, with the biggest range of feeds at the lowest prices. While our competitors on Amazon and eBay constantly try to match us, our customers know that with us they never pay more than they should for premium quality fish food.

Rather than going to Amazon or eBay (where you will pay extra fees) and searching through hundreds of listings, buy direct from Heron’s Pet World. Not only do you cut out the middleman, but your fish food gets to you quicker, too. We only use Royal Mail 24 and DHL Next Day delivery services, and it’s free of charge, saving you even more money.

Giving you all the information you need for healthier fish

Our site is also a wealth of information about fishkeeping, and you get a full breakdown of the nutritional values of every product so you know exactly what you’re buying. The result is a happier, healthier tank full of fish that are looking and feeling their best.

Talk to the experts

We are always here to answer your questions. So if you have any queries or are not sure which fish food is right for your guppies, whether your catfish prefer pellets or wafers, or your ram is kind of fussy, talk to our team any time using our online Contact Us form, and we will get straight back to you.

Heron’s Pet World is your go-to online shop for the best quality fish food at the best prices.