Experts in fish food

If there is one thing we really are experts on at Heron’s Pet World, it’s fish. They are our business, our hobby, and our passion. But fish-keeping isn’t the cheapest hobby in the world, and one of the big expenses for small and large aquarium keepers alike is the price of fish food.

We've decided to make a stand against the rising cost of keeping fish. We provide the best quality food and cut out all the overheads that push up prices, like fancy packaging or bloated advertising. That means our prices are always low, and all you pay for is the product.

What our customers have to say
What our customers have to say
Value for money!!
For what I paid for 200g you can only get 32g in the shops!!
— Susu
What our customers have to say
Bought these for my bottom dwellers but all my fish go nuts for them. These are by far the most popular food out of all the types I have. I try to keep a good variety and these get decimated as soon as I drop them in.
— Mr Anderson
What our customers have to say
First ordered 3 months ago. Did a small order to trial it at first. It was outstanding quality, doesn't leave water in a mess and fish go mad for it! Fast delivery, just received another 1.6kg order, thanks guys - highly recommended!
— Andrew L
What our customers have to say
Love this place like, theres alot of foods to choose from and its definitely my go too to buy all my fish food, love it and its cheap!
— James P
What our customers have to say
Excellent value for money, plecos and other fish love these wafers and in my opinion certainly does not cloud the water at all. A great addition to courgette, spinach and cucumbers. Heron foods 5Star!
— Simon W
What our customers have to say
I previously purchased a similar product at £2.99 for 25gm at that rate this item would cost £23.91, THAT has to be GOOD Value for money.
I cannot comment on the taste of this item and the snails rarely speak to me so I can only judge on the speed that the food moves away at. Which is rapidly!
— Grog
What our customers have to say
I use these pellets for Cherry Shrimp. I’ve tried all sorts of other shrimp foods and this is the first one they actually cluster around. They have been well coloured and breeding freely when fed on this. I would recommend.
— Ross Anders-Goodman
What our customers have to say
Bought for my bristlenose, loved and demolished by all of my fish! They break down nice and slow so keep the fish busy for a while and it doesn't cloud up the water like others I've had before, genuinely shocked with the response of the fish, might introduce them into my carp fishing bait!
— K Simmo
What our customers have to say
Brilliant product for the price, my plec absolutely loves them, likes them more than the branded ones, they don't make the water any different either, highly recommended.
— Lauren
What our customers have to say
Well that’s happy loaches snails and fancy goldfish. They are a great size and they really seemed to enjoy them.
— Z.A.M.D