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Insect Granules



Designed For: All small and medium tropical fish

Attributes: Semi-floating; insect formula; no generic fish meal; high protein; improves growth, digestion and immune system

Size: 1 mm

Premium, high protein (44%) pellets based on mealworm meal with herring meal, whole wheat, corn, kelp, rosemary extract and plenty of amino acids for everyday feeding of all tropical fish, including cichlids and bottom feeders

  • Complete feed for everyday feeding of all tropical and ornamental fish
  • For swordtails, cories, mollies, angelfish, goldfish, cichlids and all bottom feeders
  • Innovative, insect-based formula enriched with highest-quality ingredients for a complete diet
  • Generic fish meal replaced with far superior mealworm meal with herring meal and hydrolysed fish protein
  • Semi-floating behaviour allows feeding fish from all water zones, including bottom feeders
  • With betaine, beta-glucan a wide variety of amino acids
  • Promotes well-being, naturally intense colouring and growth
  • Diversified formula makes HERONS Insect Granules perfect for multi-species tanks
Analysis Additives Ingredients
Crude protein: 44% Vitamin A: 15 500 IU/kg Mealworm meal
Crude oils and fat: 2% Vitamin D3: 900 IU/kg Herring Meal
Crude fibre: 6.5% Vitamin E: 65 mg/kg Whole wheat
Crude ash: 10.5% Vitamin C: 260 mg/kg Fish protein hydrolysed
Moisture: 8%   Corn
  L-lysine: 300 mg/kg Potatoes
  DL-Methionine: 300 mg/kg Brewer's yeast
  Betaine: 1 200 mg/kg Kelp
  Beta-glucane: 300 mg/kg  
  Iron: 51.25 mg/kg  
  Iodine: 0.375 mg/kg  
  Copper: 2.5 mg/kg  
  Manganese: 10 mg/kg  
  Zinc: 13.75 mg/kg  
  L-carnitine: 30 mg/kg  
  Calcium: 0.225%  
  Phosphorus: 0.125%  
  Rosemary extract: 14 mg/kg  
  Tocoferols: 19 mg/kg  
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