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Goldfish Flakes



Designed For: All goldfish varieties and koi fry

Premium, multi-vitamin flake mix with shrimp, fish hydrolysate, carob, paprika, OMEGA-3 and 6 fatty acids and crab eggs for all varieties of goldfish and koi fry

  • Premium flake mix for everyday feeding of all goldfish varieties
  • Nutritional and energetic needs are satisfied by an exceptionally rich formula based on carefully selected raw materials
  • Fish meal is replaced with far superior fish hydrolysate, contributing to increased growth and more nutrients in the food overall
  • With Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids and vitamin complex spectrum
  • Highly digestible, rich amino-acid profile
  • Designed to maintain a healthy immune system and ensure a long life
  • Promotes well-being, naturally intense colouring and growth
  • Diversified formula makes HERONS Goldfish Flakes for all goldfish and mixed tanks

    Analysis Additives
    Crude protein: 35% Vitamin A: 22 670 IU/kg Wheat
    Crude fat: 4.4% Vitamin D3: 1 320 IU/kg Wheat gluten
    Crude fibre: 2% Vitamin E: 90 mg/kg Fish hydrolysate
    Crude ash: 3.3% Vitamin C (stable): 397 mg/kg Brewer's yeast

    Salmon oil

    L-lysine: 450 mg/kg Shrimp

    DL-Methionine: 450mg/kg Herring meal

    Betaine: 1 804 g/kg Carob
        Crab eggs
        Rosemary extract

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