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Tropical Fish Food Pack



Premium tropical fish food pack designed for all community tanks, a total 270 grams of best-selling feeds from HERONS range.

  • 100 grams of HERONS Multi Granules - premium granule mix with spirulina to enhance colour, growth and resistance
  • 50 grams of HERONS Tropical Flakes - a unique composition of 7 different flake types, our all-time bestseller
  • 50 grams of HERONS Algae Wafers - 15mm sinking wafers with spirulina for all bottom feeders
  • 50 grams of HERONS Freeze Dried Daphnia - premium quality natural food for all carnivorous and omnivorous tropical fish
  • 20 grams of HERONS Freeze Dried Bloodworm - high protein, natural food for all tropical fish
  • High fibre content ensures excellent digestibility
  • Our HERONS Tropical Fish Food Pack forms a complete diet and does not require supplementation of any kind
  • All feeds are also sold separately in quantities from 10g to 1kg , please feel free to browse our store
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