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Tubifex Flakes



Designed For: All tropical and marine fish

Attributes: Growth enhancing; high protein; multi-vitamin complex

Premium, specialist flake food with tubifex, shellfish, crustaceans and garlic for all common ornamental fish and water reptiles

  • Complete feed containing all required vitamins and minerals
  • Exceptionally rich formula based on best quality ingredients - tubifex (23%), shellfish and crustaceans (5%) and garlic
  • Designed to maintain a healthy immune system and ensure a long life
  • Excellent source of easily digestible protein and vitamins
  • Contains high levels of Vitamin C which strengthens the immune system and improves the overall condition
  • Especially recommended for young fish
  • Diversified formula makes HERONS Tubifex Flakes perfect for multi-species tanks


Analysis Vitamins Ingredients
Crude protein: 48% Vitamin A: 25 000 lu/kg 23% Tubifex
Crude fat: 7% Vitamin D3: 1 500 lu/kg 22% Vegetable protein concentrate
Crude fibre: 2% Vitamin E: 100 mg/kg 22% Wheat flour
Crude ash: 8% Vitamin B2: 4.9 mg/kg 21% Fish meal and fish by-products
  Vitamin B12: 5 mg/kg 15% Dried yeast
  Vitamin K3: 7.5 mg/kg 5% Shellfish and crustaceans
  Vitamin C: 300 mg/kg 2.5% Zeolite
  Calcium: 0.35% 1.75% Garlic
  Phosphor:  0.4% 1.35% Fish oil
  Sodium: 0.3% 0.7% Multivitamin supplement
  Manganese:  45 mg/kg  
  Zinc: 75 mg/kg  
  Metabolic energy: 3200 kcal/kg
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