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Ultra Goldfish Flakes



Designed For: Ryukin, Pearlscale, Telescope, Oranda and other demanding goldfish varieties

Attributes: Insect based, extremely rich composition, colour enhancing

Super premium, insect-based flakes with spirulina, fish hydrolysate, shrimp, herring meal, salmon oil, garlic, crab eggs, carrot, OMEGA-3,OMEGA-6 and OMEGA-9 fatty acids, beta-glucan, betaine and wide range of amino acids for everyday feeding of all goldfish varieties and koi fry

  • Generic fish meal replaced with far superior insect meal, fish and shrimp hydrolysate, herring meal and brewer's yeast
  • With wide range of plant and animal proteins, minerals and natural vitamins
  • With appropriate ratio of Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 free fatty acids for natural fish development
  • High Betaine content to improve healthy growth
  • Contains natural colour enhancers and a wide variety of amino acids
  • Excellent source of easily digestible protein and all essential micro and macro elements
  • Promotes well-being, naturally intense colouring and growth
  • Diversified formula makes HERONS Ultra Goldfish Flakes perfect for all community tanks as well
Analysis Additives Ingredients
Crude protein: 37.3% Vitamin A: 18 700 IU/kg Insect meal
Crude oils and fat: 7.5% Vitamin D3: 1 055 IU/kg Brewer’s yeast
Crude fibre: 3.55% Vitamin E: 75 mg/kg Wheat
Crude ash: 6% Vitamin C: 315 mg/kg Soya
Moisture: 8.1%   Herring meal
    Fish hydrolysate
    Salmon oil
    Shrimp meal
    Crab eggs
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